Associate Professor, Communications and Media Science Dept.; Károli Gáspár University (Budapest, Hungary) teaching graduate Screenwriting, Documentary Filmmaking, Media Analysis; English Academic Writing and Reading

2022 Sept

Dec Teacher of Analysis of Media Programs  at Motion Picture Culture and Media Knowledge Department (MA program); Károli Gáspár University

2019 – 2020

Teacher of Screenwriting  at School of Film; Ohio University (Athens, Ohio)


Teacher of Short Form Media Scriptwriting  at School of Media Arts and Studies; Ohio University (Athens, Ohio)

2017 – 2020

Teacher of The Practice of Film Criticism , online course; Ohio University (Athens, Ohio)

2014 – 2017

CUTV, Concordia University TV (Montreal, Canada)


MFA in Film – Writer, Director, Producer; Ohio University , Athens, Ohio (completion – May 2020)

Ph.D. (joint) Theoretical and Slavic Linguistics; Princeton University , Princeton, New Jersey 

M.A. Finno-Ugric Linguistics; Indiana University , Bloomington, Indiana

University Diploma in Hungarian and Russian Languages and Literatures and Finno-Ugric Studies; Lajos Kossuth University, Debrecen, Hungary



Hungarian (native)

English (near-native)

French, German, Russian 

Czech, Polish, Serbo-Croatian

Finnish , Turkish