Uncle Zsiga

Uncle Zsiga, my thesis film, is an understated study of the contemplation of forgiveness. Or rather, the possibility of such an act. Regretful of the past, an aging Hungarian man, after fifteen years, musters up the courage to emigrate to America to confront his long-lost daughter. Is he able to forgive himself?

Let Me

Let Me is dedicated to all the children who never reached the other shore. This film poem stands in remembrance of the refugee children who dreamed of a safer world but were not able to experience it. In the bloody turmoil of our days, this very subtle and lyrical film depicts a piece of reality that is timely in its nonsensical tragedy. The world needs little pieces of love such as this. Throughout the poem, a very important thought reverberates „Peace, I think,” leading to the ultimate desire „Peace, I wish.”

It is our duty, as filmmakers, to remind people of their lost humanity. After all, artists are the owners of history.

In Trans

A trans woman’s struggle to find freedom in the societal cage of today’s America.

„This is not going away, this is our way of life” sums up Megan, the beautiful trans subject of the documentary. The film follows Megan’s process of transformation from her daily routine of swallowing a dozen hormone pills through the hair removal sessions until the sex reassignment surgery and beyond. We learn about her dismal experience growing up as a boy, and about the euphoria she feels as soon as female hormones hit her body.


Choice is based on one of István Örkény’s one-minute stories, which captures the spirit of its times, the Hungarian Zeitgeist of the late 1960s: an era in the inexorable march of history when one way of surviving was contemplating reality through the looking glass of absurdity, and accepting it with compliance contrary to all reasons.


Szarvasbőgés ‘Deer Bell’

This short doc was made during Béla Tarr’s Masterclass, under his mentorship. The film follows a day in a life of a Roma family in rural Hungary. It focuses on the children, who are raised by their grandparents. From morning until the sun goes down, and a new day begins. And life goes on, just the same.

In Praise of Angela

In Praise of Angela is a satirical ode to the Midwest; the story of an apparently everyday jo, Dan, the electrician, who follows his dream to pursue the life of a musician, despite or perhaps because of the imminence of his becoming a father. On his journey to a national competition, through a series of obstacles, Dan discovers what is truly important in life. Does he reach his goal? The film is inspired by a folk-pop song full of self-irony and playful mockery of Walmart, which ultimately turns into its praise.